suppandi’s brilliant idea

One day Suppandi and his master were returning from somewhere in the intense heat.
Master: The sun has darkened our skins Suppandi.
Suppandi agreed. The next day-
Master: Suppandi! Get me a bottle of hair dye from the neighbouring store. After some time-
Master: Suppandi, didn’t you get that bottle.
Suppandi: I went to the shop, but then I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t you stand out in the sun. The sun will darken your hair.

Suppandi playing football

One day Suppandi was playing football with his master’s son. He had been posted as goalkeeper. Then the opposition charged towards his goal and kicked the ball into the goal from right beside his legs. The masters son was boiling with anger.
Son: Why didn’t you stop the ball Suppandi?
Suppandi: Why in the world should I stop it? What is the net in the goal for?

Suppandi Iron the suit

Once Suppandi’s master’s book had been torn. Suppandi stitched it back with thread. His master advised him to use super glue to stitch or stick together anything as it gives better results.
Then One Day-
Master: Suppandi, iron my new and expensive suit as it has to be worn on the wedding tonight.
That evening-
Master: Suppandi, give me my suit.
Suppandi: Here it is.
Master: What has happened to it? What do you did to it?
Suppandi: The suit had been stitched together with thread, so I removed all the thread and stuck it together with super glue. Doesn’t it give a much better result.
Master: S-U-P-P-A-N-D-I!!!! You’re fired! Get out.