Online Tools to check the website

Have you ever checked the speed from your Websites? Have you ever optimize them for great speed performance?

Well with the tools that I am going to show you here, you will find out how well you are doing while optimizing your Website’s Speed Performance.

I have been using these tools to achieve great performance inside this Joomla Blog.

Have a look on the below urls:

Have a test and give your comments below…

Prettify Hyperlinks using CSS3 Attribute Selectors

Today i’m came across blog bloggermint the CSS3 attribute which provide more flexible. Im going to show you few examples.

CSS3 Beginning Substring Attribute Value Selectors

e[att^='value'] { declarations here.... }

This selector matches the elements which have an attribute containing a value that startswith the specific value.

CSS3 Any Substring Attribute Value Selectors

e[att*='value'] { declarations here.... }

This selector matches the elements which have an attribute containing at least one occurrence of string “value” as substring.

CSS3 Ending Substring Attribute Value Selectors

e[att$='value'] { declarations here.... }

This selector matches the elements which have an attribute containing a value that ends with the specific value.

Note :

  • stands for elements such as p, a, img, div and more.
  • att stands for attributes like class, id, title, rel, cite, href, alt and more.
  • value stands for attribute values
Example for Value Selector
This is a sample<a href=””>Satheesh Kumar Rajendiran</a>
This is a sample <a href=””>SaiSatheesh</a>
Values for the attribute are http://, mailto: We can use this for designing in css3
a[href^='http'] {
background: url(images/link.png) no-repeat left;
a[href^='mailto'] {
background: url(images/email.png) no-repeat left;
Example for Ending Substring Attribute Value Selector
Since the ending value for the attribute href are .pdf and .png. we can use Ending Substring Attribute Value Selector to link.
a[href$='.pdf'] {
background: url(images/pdf.png) no-repeat left;
a[href$='.png'] {
background: url(images/png.png) no-repeat left;


Any Substring Attribute Value Selector

This is a sample <a href=””>Word Document</a>.
This is a sample <a href=””>Javascript</a&gt;.

a[href*='.doc'] {
background: url(images/file_doc.png) no-repeat left;
a[href*='.rar'] {
background: url(images/file_rar.png) no-repeat left;


How to transfer domain to

GoDaddy offers quick automated domain name transfers that can be performed online. If you have problems or questions during the process, GoDaddy also offers assistance by phone. Additionally, GoDaddy offers private registration of transferred domain names, which helps keep your personal information from being open to public view.

This is all steps to transfer your domain to Godaddy

Go to the home page and log in (or create a Account if you not have),  click Domains button in top menu and choose Transfer Domains to Go Daddy

click to domains transfer domains How to transfer domain to

Enter your domain need to transfer and click OK

enter domain need to transfer 500x175 custom How to transfer domain to

If available to transfer click Check Out

process to check out1 How to transfer domain to

Click No Thanks

click no thanks 500x410 custom How to transfer domain to
Scroll mouse down, choose No thanks, I’m ready to checkout and click Continue button

click continues 500x155 custom How to transfer domain to
Choose number of years you want to renew, or default godaddy will auto renew for your domain to 1 year. Choose any options you want, when completed scroll down to the end page to choose Payment Method. You can choose many payment method: Credit Card, Check, Paypal,….After select payment method, click Continue With CheckOut to make a payment

continues to check out 500x285 How to transfer domain to

After finish payment, You need Authorizing a Domain Transfer to Your Account

Your domain transfer cannot be completed unless you unlock the domain, remove privacy, set up a valid administrative email, and apply the correct authorization code (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .name, .tv, or .info domains). To  authorize a Domain transfer to your account you need perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain domain manager 202x500 How to transfer domain to
  3. From the Domains menu, select Pending to pending transfers 499x165 How to transfer domain to
  4. Click the Authorization button and select Begin Transfer Authorization from the to begin transfer authorization 500x83 How to transfer domain to
  5. In the Transaction ID field, enter the transaction ID sent to the email address on file regarding this transfer.
  6. In the Security Code field, enter the code sent to the email address on file regarding this transfer, and then click Next.enter transaction id and security code 500x166 How to transfer domain to
  7. Click Next again to confirm the listed domains are the ones you want to transfer to your account.
  8. If applicable, enter the Authorization Code you received from the current registrar and click Finish.
After complete this step, we have 99% successful. Just wait a few days to the transfer completed and enjoy
With you success!

Vidhai – Vazhikatigal (AGARAM Foundation)

Hi Guys after long days i started blogging. I was just surfing Google and went through some sites . I just gone through agaram foundation which was build by all the volunteers and off course mainly by Actor MR.Sivakumar and MR.Surya. Let me say this as a innovative start were they tries to educate all the poor children and this was really appreciable through out the India. Being a human we all should have the mind of servicing to our society. We no need to be like Madam Mother Theresa. But just try to be a Human by helping each other in their necessity. Thus, the basics life supportable need EDUCATION had been given and implemented through this AGARAM FOUNDATION. Education is for everyone and we provide you education this what the main basic thing what agaram were saying to all students. Let us all join our hands to build this foundation and start helping to educate all students. Bring out this society into well developed educated one.  Guys if you all interested to help or services to poor ones register here and become volunteer like me.

Wall Street Journal to cut 2 dozen newsroom jobs

NEW YORK: The Wall Street Journal, one of the last major US daily newspapers to avoid deep cuts to its news gathering operations amid a historic industry downturn, is trimming about two dozen newsroom jobs.

Robert Christie, a spokesman for the newspaper’s parent company, Dow Jones & Co, said the Journal will make cuts to both its reporting and editing staff through a combination of layoffs and buyouts as well as eliminating open positions.

In a memo to staff, Journal managing editor Robert Thomson said the newsroom has already lost 11 reporters through attrition, but 14 more jobs will be eliminated in a new restructuring effort.

Thomson said the paper’s New York-based fashion and retail group will be shuttered, with some reporters and editors shifted to other bureaus.

The Los Angeles and Boston bureaus will each lose a job as well as the law, health and real estate groups in New York.

Thomson said there will be no cuts at Dow Jones Newswires.

"It is obvious to you all that we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn," he said in the memo. "We are also in the midst of an unprecedented increase in our readership, in print and online, but a precipitous decline in print advertising revenue has forced a close examination of our structures and of our costs