Component Creator for Joomla

Guys after a long time im back to blogging. Im currently working in Joomla. When time permits will keep sharing the daily challanges. Now im going to share the component creator for Joomla 1.6 to latest version less than 5 mins. Go to the below link create login and start generate your component

Online Tools to check the website

Have you ever checked the speed from your Websites? Have you ever optimize them for great speed performance?

Well with the tools that I am going to show you here, you will find out how well you are doing while optimizing your Website’s Speed Performance.

I have been using these tools to achieve great performance inside this Joomla Blog.

Have a look on the below urls:

Have a test and give your comments below…

Auto complete/suggest in wordpress

Hi guys, After a longtime i’m coming to my blog due to my work tension. I have learned new thing today auto suggest or auto complete in WordPress. I have creating a plugin for income tax calculator in that i need to do auto suggest or auto complete for one of the field in the wp-admin section.

It’s very easy to do in WP. They had already predefined jQuery Suggest we need to enqueue the script and then your function.

In your function script add this line


Then add the style


Then your function

jQuery(function() {

In “yourcustomscript.php”

  • Connects to the WP DB
  • Queries the table for the data you want
  • Convert the result set into an associative array (or pull it from the DB as one)

Thats all your result